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Letters to and From Capt. Henry Woodward

Woodward Family Tree

There are some surviving letters from persons such as George Washington and Governor Dinwiddie(Virginia), directed to or concerning Capt. Henry Woodward.
The scans of the real documents can be found here:

Letter from Governor Dinwiddie to George Washington

Letters from George Washington

Letter From William Brockenbrough to G. Washington

Pedigree Of Our Family
This is the way in which we are connected to Capt. Henry Woodward:
1. Henry Woodward
1a. Jesse Woodward (1764-1820)
 1b. James Woodward (1790-1872)
  1c. William Woodward (1835-?)
   1d. Jesse Woodward (1865-?)
    1e. William (Fain, Fayne) Woodward (1885-?)
     1f.  Merle(Merrell,Muriel,Murriel) Woodward (1915-????)
      1g. Harold Woodward (1946-1997)
The Book, The Official Records of Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of Virginia, 1751-1758,  published by the Virginia Historical Society in 1884, has various passages containing references to Henry Woodward. These include:
here I am sorry You resent the Advancem 't of L 't Woodward Surely You w 'd not hinder me from prefer g People on their Merit and good Courageous Conduct tho not in Course of Rank They were strongly recomended to me on their Be' hav' r and many others appointed on their engaging to raise Compa's I have a due regard for You and do not doubt if You had been in the Act n' You w 'd have behav 'd very well and I shall on Opp' ty as soon as possible of prefer g You I therefore desire You will rem' n easy a short Time longer and Consider You might have been twenty Years at Home before You had been a Lieut However I shall have You particularly in my Tho' ts and I am S'r
Y'r h'ble serv't 
(page 219)
 Upon Y' r recommendat' n I took Mr Woodward by the Hand and have promoted him (tho a Young Man) Capt of a Co in the Pay of y's Colony He  wanted Mo[ney] to equip him for the Service I let him have 30 St' r for w' ch You have his Bill on his Mother and a L 'r enclosed  for her W' n You rec' the Mo[ney] please pay it to Mr J Buchanan in Mark Lane. Y' r L' r [your letter] to Co.[Colonel] Fairfax shall be duly d 'd[delivered] to him as soon as he comes to Town. I hope warr .t on the 2s(?) H' h 'd will be recall' d, for I easily think there will not be in y' t Fund in Apr next to pay the necessary contingent Cha's of the Gov 't.  I have sent Home Duplicates of my Disbursements the Mo and Cr by Sir T Robinson.
(page 359)

Descendants of Capt. Henry Woodward