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Historical Images

Woodward Family Tree

These are a few images I came across while researching our family history. I was having a real problem connecting our family to Henry Woodward; where some other researchers their reserach at Fain and Way Woodward, I picked it up from there. It was pure luck, while I was researching the Wise County, Va geneaological website, that I perused the Woodward marriages database, and found my grandfather Merle(Muriel, Merrell), and his father, Fain Woodward.
The problems I ran into were the mispellings of proper names, and the use of what had to be nicknames. I saw William's name listed as Fain on the marriage records of himself to Macie Parsons, and also on his WWI draft card. Yet, in the census' that I have scanned up on this site, he is listed as William. Once it was determined that Fain and William are one in the same person, that he was married to Macie(Mazie) Parsons, and that his father was J.L. Woodward(Jesse), who was married to Sarah Florence Fleenor( also listed as Sarah Fleenor and Florence Fleenor in the marriage database), our connection to Capt. Henry Wooward was finalized.

1900 Federal Census, Sarah Florence Fleenor

Newspaper Article, Teddy Woodward, son of William
Upon his entrance in the Army, Sept 7, 1942

1910 Census William(Fain) Woodward

WWI Draft Card William (Fain) Woodward

1930 Census William (Fain) Woodward

1910 Census, Sarah Fleenor Woodward

Gravestone Harold L. Woodward
Abraham Lincoln National Cemetary, IL

Gravestone of Howard and Helen (Woodward)Herron
Big Stone Gap, VA

Big Stone Gap, VA
Powell Valley

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Descendants of Capt. Henry Woodward